3 step YouTube funnel strategy for app installation

3 step YouTube funnel strategy for app installation

I know you don’t have much time, so let’s get real!!

You have a play store app or a non-play store one and wanted to promote with the objective of maximum installation on a cell phone though this is an article for you where you’ll get a “3 step YouTube funnel strategy for app installation”

This article (3 step YouTube funnel strategy for app installation) serves:-

  1. Subtle grounds about YouTube.
  2. Components about 3 step funnel strategy with YouTube channel you own
  3. Components about 3 step funnel strategy while hiring an influencer
  4. And some extra ways for app promotion.
  5. How to perform this strategy in real.
  6. Subtle grounds about youtube.
  1. Subtle grounds about YouTube.

Youtube gives us the liberty to promote anything in many ways, either making your youtube channel and promote your product itself or hire an influencer relating to the kind of business app you are in.

Both the options will cost you some, you’ve to pay an influencer too and if the channel is yours then also it needs the effort to reach the maximum and for that, you have to run youtube ads regarding the promotion of your channel.

  1. Components about 3 step funnel strategy when you own a youtube channel.

Step 1. Serve a free most valuable content in your youtube channel relating to the app segment. Like if it’s an educational video or audio app then server a free content like “how reading books or stories can affect”

However, In the end, ask them to install the app for the audio version of the free books or a list of valuable books and stories behind.
Content like something would affect the mind of prospects.

Step 2. Prospect liked the video and shown interest would install the app, and in doing so they have to register by entering their details like phone no and email id. In this way, the objective of step 2 of the funnel would-be achieved.

Now even though the user didn’t go for step 3 of the funnel i.e; to subscribe for premium, we still have their emails to retarget and remarket implementing email marketing and paid ads along with can ask for reviews and ratings for the app by sending direct mail or a popup in the app itself.

Step 3. Serving free content in applications that should be valuable and along with advertising for premium one, for more profound content will trigger them to go for a premium subscription.

As the subscription did, the objective of the funnel is achieved. Making customers go for premium would never going to be an easy task, it will demand you creativity and pitching which suits your audience.

  1. Components about 3 step funnel strategy while hiring an influencer

Step 1. Scenario, when you are not having a youtube channel of your own though you could hire an influencer on behalf to promote the application for you, before considering the influencer very fundamental thing you could do, is to check the audience demographics whether it’s matching with your desired audience or not.

Another thing you could check is the channel segment that how well it’s matching with your app segment.

Now ask them to promote your app during his video, which varied to starting, middle, or at last of it. Installation link should be given below the video and the step 1 objective of the app installation is achieved.

Step 2. Once it installs the next step would be the same as in the other situation which we had already discussed above. Take their contact details and remarket if they would not go for step 3 of the funnel

Step 3. Third to will be the same as we discussed, where to have to serve content and having to promote for a premium subscription.

  1. And some extra ways for app promotion.

• youtube status is another way where you could promote your app
• youtube skip and non-skip ads
• youtube banner ads
• youtube text ads

  1. How to perform this strategy in real.

Most of the apps like Hago, Khatabook, Halo, Likee got promoted through youtube by running paid ads and by hiring an influencer. One thing they all did their best is content of the promotion, which has adequate potential to make the audience look for the app once, and once they install they found it intriguing.

Following the strategy of the above apps, we could do the same with only a bit of research needed about their targeted audience and by making better content for promotion.

Let me summarize it for you…

Any app can be promoted using 3 step youtube funnel strategy whether you have a youtube channel or not, in case of not having a youtube channel you can hire an influencer to make things done for you.

Taking all the promotion things using a 3step funnel strategy will set different objectives at a different level of the funnel which would be easy to measure the result and objectives achieved.

Take some set examples under consideration and boost yourself for a hardcore promotion.

Now though you had read the complete post, we can have a dialogue about your likes, dislikes, and queries..comment below or contact directly. I will have a great time discussing this.

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