3 Simple Strategy To Take Any Business Online

3 Simple Strategy To Take Any Business Online

Reading this article “3 Simple Strategy To Take Any Business Online” will add value to all the businesses that wanted to start their online marketing journey and looking for a simple strategy on how to take their business online. Along with all the newbies looking to start their blog or want to start their journey as a freelancer or students who wants to learn in a very simple manner about internet marketing can have a look.

Now that you’ve decided to take the business online which you were doing offline till now or it’s partially online and partially offline, you perhaps are thinking of how to start with because you’ all have already been heard many of the digital marketing terms which could be quite confusing and misleading too.

A little homework before choosing any of the strategies.

This time you only have to follow one of these below 3strategies depending on the nature of your business and the kind of audience you are about to target.

But before choosing, let’s have a drill of “keyword research”(the most possible term your audience probably could use discovering your business) which is a very significant step to follow and with this, will have a clarity of business trend, that your business had an online search or not, outcome of keyword research will open a way for you to choose the right strategy to work with. Let’s understand this now on which scenario which step to follow.

3 simple strategies to start with:-

  1. When to go for SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and GMB(Google My Business).
  • This strategy will lead to direct leads and sales for your business
  • Choose this strategy when your business has a minimum search volume of 100- 1k per month.
  • Had a local business optimize your GMB listing by keeping it updated following with all the given attributes. Along with you can run ads on GMB to always secure the first position on certain keywords you feel the audience might search for maximum.T
  • Seo is a continuous process with more than 200+ factors affecting and is a lengthy process with very fewer chances to be shown on the 1st page if the competition is very high and where the competitors were doing great for very long.
  • The solution is to continue with SEO along with sem, where you can run ads for your product and services following keywords being searched most among your targeted audience.
  • If its a product selling business best to put the display and shopping ads, still have options like text ads, video ads but this works better for blogs and vlogs.
  • However, If you are into service selling a business or a virtual product better make it done through a funnel because it needs more effort where you have to nourish your audience once you got your leads now you have to foster them for an actual sale. A funnel could be a collaboration of SEO, SMM, and email marketing or you could make it through SEO and sem separately.
  • Now you have a funnel and collection of data to analyze and with this, you can retarget and remarket your prospects through a series of the email(which you’ve got filling contact forms by your audience)which is called email marketing. Even though if you haven’t got any form filled and you had used sem as a strategy, you have liberty given by google to target them again with the help of scrips embed with the ads you had set up previously, that scripts stick with audiences browsers.
  1. When to go for SMO and SMM and Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing
  • If the business is very new or it’s not in much online search trend than one way out is to make it a trend or wait for it to become a trend and last but not least is get it done through SMO & SMM.
  • This strategy will work where you have to educate your audience about the kind of business and services you are on to and how this could add value to their lifestyle. Along with it is very suitable for any kind of branding(personal branding, commercial branding, umbrella branding)
  • Take the help of affiliates and influencers to promote your product and services. Doing this you can reach the mass audience of your interest. Yes, it could be a costly move unless you find the right guy to promote your product/services.
  • Doing SEO and SEM for these kinds of businesses with no search volume is like getting lost in a vast desert, especially in this competitive marketing scenario where you’ll never show up to your audience.
  • Products like antiques, imitation jewelry, handicrafts are a fine example of these kinds of businesses. Rarely if it got searched then its in the search box of apps like Flipkart and Amazon.

P.S: Even if the business is well settled, it can be done as a continuous process.

  1. When to go for bulk SMS, bulk Whatsapp, bulk Email by arranging mass contact information of the desired audience
  • This strategy can be implemented when branding is no more a concern for you, where you only want to get some leads and wanted to convert them manually. More likely local coaching institutes, local hostels, and mess people can be seen doing this, or any other local business.
  • Eventually applying this strategy will be less fruitful if your business is completely unknown for your desired audience.
  • Quite a time it could harm your reputation too if they felt suspicious about you getting their contact information.
  • This could be considered as another form of inbound marketing where you can drive traffic to your website, youtube channel, or app installation and from there can take into the funnel.

Things common among all the above tactics:

• Each has its analytical tools to check performances and changes to make accordingly.
• Analytical tools empower you to test between the message body, ads copy, copywriting, content, and performance level.
• All above are experimental depends on how audiences respond over different marketing channels.
• Data gathered from, gives insights about audiences’ likes and dislikes when they engage when they ignore when they active most, with all these data a marketer can influence if managed and implemented generously.
• All content and messages deliverable at all the platforms is the part of the content marketing.
• Journey of sales done can be termed as a funnel, either individually or mixing more than one platform.
• Each platform and each funnel has its own KPI’s.

Lets me conclude it for you…

Any new or old, but barely started business can implement any one or all the 3strategies mentioned above according to the nature of business.

These strategies included Seo, sem, gmb, SMO, SMM, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, bulk SMS, and WhatsApp.

However, we also discussed the common attributes which all the above strategies share.

Even if you want me to discuss in detail each aspect separately like SEO, SMM, SMO, SMM, or any other, you can mention it in the comment box or can mail me directly through the contact form.

I hope you enjoyed it, if not then review me…

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